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October 18, 2020
Zoe Hunt

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DIY wooden round fiber wall hanging text overlay on boho wall art

When we decided to hide our TV in a credenza instead of hanging it on the wall, we were left with a big blank spot to fill.

I wanted something modern and boho, but not too boho. Eventually, I stumbled across this awesome wooden round fiber wall art that would look great with the wood accent wall and rest of the room.

But as always, I was SHOCKED at the price. Almost $400 for some wall art?! No thank you. I’ll make it myself.

And alas, this tutorial was born! Since we already had some plywood, stain, and paint on hand, this project cost us approximately $10. Much better than $379.

Alright, let’s start DIYing! 

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What You’ll Need

How to Make a Round Wood and Yarn Wall Hanging

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modern boho round wall art

Note: our wall art has a 24″ diameter. You can always make yours larger or smaller.


First cut your dowel stick down to 24″. Keep the remaining 12″ piece–we will use it to draw our half circle.


To draw the half circle, I marked the center along the bottom of my piece of plywood.

Then, I lined up the 12″ piece with the center mark, held a pencil against the opposite end of the dowel and slowly rotated the dowel until it was perpendicular to the bottom of the plywood, making sure to mark with the pencil along the way.

drawing half circle on plywood

Repeat on the other side.

Sure, it’s not the most scientific method, but it worked out fine for this.

Once I had my half circle sketched out, I grabbed my jigsaw and cut along the line.

cut half circle out of plywood using jigsaw


Sand the sides of your plywood until everything is nice and smooth and rounded.

sanding edges of plywood half circle

Then sand the front of your plywood until it’s smooth.


When working with plywood, we have the dreaded plywood edge. Rather than covering it with edge banding, I decided to paint mine.

If you want a nice, smooth texture all the way around, apply spackle, wood filler, or edge banding along the edges of the plywood before painting. I decided to just go ahead and paint this time.

Spray paint the edges until they are fully covered. Try to spray straight onto the edge to avoid getting a lot of paint on the front of your wood piece.

spray painting plywood half circle edge with gold paint

Once the spray paint dries, quickly re-sand the front of your plywood to remove any paint that got on it.


Stain your plywood (or paint it) to the color of your choosing. We used a 50:50 combo of Minwax Special Walnut and Golden Oak.

P.S. Want a full tutorial on how to stain wood like a pro? Check this out!

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First we need to cut a lot of pieces down to the correct size. Find something that it around 12-16″ long and loop your yarn around it several times.

Then, cut one side of the looped yarn so that you end up with strings that are approximately 24-32″ long.

cutting loops of yarn

Grab your 24″ dowel and grab a piece of yarn. The yarn should be folded in half.

Place the looped side of the yarn over and around the dowel and then pull the other side of the yarn through the loop.

looping yarn around wood dowel

As you pull your yarn tight, position the “knots” are all lined up with the front of the dowel.

close-up of yarn wall hanging in progress


Place your dowel and yarn on top of your plywood half circle so that the dowel is just hanging off the flat side of the plywood.

Trim your yarn so that it lines up with your half circle or extends just beyond it. As you’re cutting, make sure the yarn is “hanging” straight down and isn’t pulled crooked.

trimming excess yarn to make circle

Don’t worry about getting it perfect just yet. You can always cut off more once you hang it up and see how it looks.


Grab your hot glue gun and add a generous bead of glue to the dowel. Glue your dowel to the bottom of the plywood, making sure the side with the “knots” is lined up with the front of the plywood.

using hot glue gun to attach yarn to wood

Hold your dowel in place while the glue dries for a few moments.

If your dowel doesn’t seem secure, add an additional bead of glue between the backside of the plywood and the dowel.

Add an extra dot of glue to the back of the yarn on both of the ends to make sure it doesn’t get the urge to fall on off.


Attach the sawtooth hanger to the back of your wall art and hang it on up.

attaching sawtooth hanger on back of wood wall art
modern boho round wall hanging made from wood and yarn

There you have it! Now you know how to make modern boho wall art using wood and yarn.

Looking for more wall decor ideas? Check out our roundup of 19+ of the best DIY wall decor ideas on the internet and this modern geometric wall art DIY!

Don’t forget to pin the image below for later!

make this wall decor pointing to image of round wall art
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  1. Lupe says:

    How big was the piece of plywood you used to make the half circle?

    • Zoe Hunt says:

      Hi there! We used a scrap piece so I’m not sure the exact dimensions. You can use a 2×4′ project panel though!

  2. Erin says:

    Thank you for the great pics that went along with your tutorial! I look forward to trying this project soon.

  3. Kathy Bailey says:

    This inspired me to make my own, thank you! Your easy to use instructions helped so much and it turned out great!

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