Hey there! I’m Zoe and my mission is to help you confidently DIY.


I was seriously afraid of a hammer. But I was determined to make string art. So I recruited a boy to help me.

That boy, Andrew, would eventually become my husband. So I'd say it worked out pretty well. But this isn't a story about Andrew and I. This is a story about the power of DIY.

You see, I've always had champagne taste on a beer budget, and the inability to settle for anything less than what I really want.

When we moved into our first house, I was determined to make it the home of my *bougie* dreams without breaking the bank.

The way to make it happen: DIY.
Which meant overcoming my fear of power tools. 

After months of procrastinating, researching how to safely use tools, and re-reading the miter saw manual for the millionth time, it was time.

If I wanted that dream coffee table, I had to make it. I took a deep breath and powered on the saw to cut an actual piece of wood.

I slowly cut through the wood and then took a big ol' sigh of relief. I did it!! And it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be! 

Overcome fear of power tools ✓
Build actual furniture? Hm... 

When it came to actually building the furniture, it turned out to be a lesson in frustration, confusion, and utter overwhelm. 

What's a Kreg Jig? How do I use it? Why is my 1x4 only 3.5" wide?? How do I keep the wood in place while I try to screw it in? What does the plan say -- I don't know what that means! What size screw do I need??

Top: Poppy the dalmatian aka the most important part of the Pine and Poplar team. Right: Poppy in Do-It-Yourself Magazine.
Left: one of our first pieces of DIY furniture!

Things that are common knowledge to me now made absolutely no sense at the time.

All I wanted was someone to show me the way. To teach me the things that I didn't even know I needed to know. 

That's why Pine and Poplar exists. I know how tough getting started can be. You see all these people on Instagram making it look easy, but then you try to start and it's anything but.

We wanted to create a space that actually teaches you the skills you need to confidently DIY and build magazine-worthy furniture.

After countless projects, and a few magazine features, we're sharing everything we've learned and wished we knew starting out so that you can learn to DIY faster and with less frustration.

Trying to DIY can feel like learning a foreign language

So coming from someone who was TERRIFIED of power tools (and hammers), you can do this. We all start somewhere and I want to help you experience the amazingness that is DIY.

There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment from completing a DIY build. Well, there's one thing... That feeling when someone asks where you BOUGHT that and you get to respond "oh, I made that!"

You've got this. I'm here to help. I can't wait to see all the incredible things you build.

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From DIY wannabe to fearless furniture builder in just 5 weeks. We'll show you how to turn basic wood from Home Depot into furniture that's sure to impress your friends and family. 

What's in a name

Why Pine and Poplar?

 We're all about turning basic lumber from home improvement stores into beautiful furniture. And both pine and poplar are great wood types for beginner DIYers that are commonly found at Home Depot and Lowe's.

Poplar also has a special place in our hearts. Not only was our very first piece of DIY furniture built from poplar, but Poppy the dalmatians' full name is actually Poplar! She was named after the Davie Poplar tree at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, where Andrew and I got engaged.




Every childhood picture of me features a stuffed dalmatian or dalmatian print clothes.


I sneeze anytime I eat chocolate or have something extra minty.


I own every episode of Friends on DVD #OGwatcher


I've worked in 3 countries and try to convince Andrew to move to Italy almost daily.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Missouri Cookies (also known as no-bake cookies)

HGTV Star i'd love to meet

Alison Victoria and Jasmine Roth

Guilty pleasure

A bubble bath

alternate universe job:

Wedding dress boutique owner

favorite place i've been:

Italy. I might have a slight obsession

drink of choice

French 75, or Captain and coke

can't live without

Purified water. I am very particular about my water

usually craving

Chocolate... and Merlot cheese

beach vs mountains

I'll build a glass cabin in the mountains one day

favorite show to binge


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