Easy DIY Christmas Countdown – 2 Ways!


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November 29, 2019
Zoe Hunt




<4 Hours



DIY Christmas Countdown 2 Ways!

Is it just me, or is it really difficult to find a Christmas Countdown that is cute and inexpensive? We can never find just the right thing, so we embrace the power of DIY and create what we want!

We were experimenting with this one so we tried both a Christmas tree shape and a rectangle. Which do you like better?

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Alright, let’s start DIYing!

DIY Christmas Countdown in shape of Christmas tree

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What You’ll Need

How to Make a Wood Christmas Countdown

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how to make a wood Christmas Countdown

Step 1: download the free printables

Download the free printables and choose your design to help you with nail and number placement. We have two options: a tree and a rectangle.

Step 2: cut

Cut your boards using a miter saw.

  • For the Christmas tree, we cut the following sizes, each at 31.5-degrees (that’s where our saw naturally clicked in). The measurements are the length of the long side: 12.5″, 10.5″, 7.5″, 4.25″. You will also need a 1.25″ rectangle for the base. 
  • For the rectangle, cut 3 – 15″ long pieces out of a 1×4.

Note: if your boards splintered while cutting, sand off the splinters with 60-80 grit sandpaper before moving onto the next step.

STEP 3: glue your boards together

Clamp the pieces until the glue dries.

glue and clamp your boards together

Step 4: sand and Stain

Sand the boards after the glue dries. We sanded with 80 grit until all of the glue was sanded off and then we sanded with 120. Then, we quickly hand sanded the sides and front using 220.

Stain or paint your boards. We used Minwax Special Walnut stain on both options.

staining wood in shape of Christmas tree

step 5: print out your template

Print out the template you downloaded in step 1. If you have a Cricut, you can cut the file out of vinyl and place it on your wood piece as a stencil. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can cut the numbers out using a utility knife and tape the paper to the wood to use as a stencil. 

Step 6: paint

Paint your numbers and words using acrylic paint.

step 7: add your nails

Once the paint is dry, add your nails to the center of the dots on the printable. We like to hold the nails using a pair of plyers to help keep it in place.

Remove the printable once you’ve added your nails.

nailing into Christmas tree advent calendar

Step 8: Find a counter

Decide on what you would like to use as the counter. We tore off a stem from a fake tree to create a wreath, but you can also use this garland from Hobby Lobby or mini ornaments.

Christmas countdown with wood reindeer

That’s it! Easy peasy. What did you decide to use as your counter? We love the mini wreath, but we also love the idea of hanging a mini ornament every day to decorate the tree!

And don’t forget to download the free printables in step 1! 

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  1. Kellie Race says:

    Love this idea but I can’t find the printables. Can you help me?

  2. Heather says:

    Hi there! I’m in the process of making this super cute tree countdown but the link for the printable isn’t in step one. Can you please help me find it so I can finish the project??

    • Zoe Hunt says:

      Hi Heather! There should be a box in step 1 that says “get the free printable”. If you have an ad blocker, it might not show up. I see it on my end!

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