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Laundry Room Reveal | Spring 2020 One Room Challenge


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June 25, 2020
Zoe Hunt

This post is sponsored by AllModern-all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read our full disclosure.

laundry room reveal text overlay on image of bright laundry room with folding table


That pretty much sums up how I feel to have the laundry room done, and not just because that means we can do laundry again (I’ve already knocked out 6 loads).

Never have I been so happy to be done with a project than when we hung the last cabinet door in the laundry room.

This project has been a roller coaster to say the least. Never has so much gone wrong in a project. It seemed like every step we took resulted in another unexpected issue that set us back three more.

All that to say, this laundry room is a testament that there are good things on the other side of project struggles. If you keep brainstorming and pivoting and refuse to give up, even the most frustrating projects can be amazing in the end (not to toot my own horn, but I’d say this before and after is pretty good).

jeffrey court cambridge cottage tile backsplash

Alright, alright. We’re almost to the reveal photos which I know is why you’re here 😉 But before we get to those, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

Laundry room before

Our laundry room was the epitome of builder grade, complete with a florescent light, a wire shelf, and…that’s pretty much it.

builder grade laundry room with wire rack
empty laundry room with open air shelving

And that builder-grade laundry room wasn’t doing much for us. Just look how disorganized and stressful it looked when we were doing laundry.

messy laundry room with lack of storage before renovation


When designing the new laundry room, one thing was a must: plenty of space to dry clothes. Andrew is really tall and finding clothes that fit him just right can be a struggle. So when he does find something, he NEVER puts it in the dryer. Wouldn’t want to risk it shrinking!

The habit of not drying 95% of clothes rubbed off on me, which I have to admit has been great for my clothes. Everything seems to look new for longer.

Drying space

Since we need so much drying space, we completed 3 projects to help solve the issue.

First up was the fold-down drying rack.

fold-down drying rack with beadboard back

I love that it folds up so that it practically doesn’t take up any space when it’s not in use. I love it so much that I might just make another…or two 😉

The next thing we made was the laundry folding table. I love that this table has not one, not two, but THREE purposes. It has six drying racks (4 are lay-flat, and 2 you can hang light things like yoga pants or tank tops), a space to store our laundry cart, and the huge countertop is perfect for folding.

pull-out lay flat drying drawers

I was a little concerned that the hanging clothes would get in the way of actually being able to use the folding table, but luckily I was wrong. Even with hanging clothes, there’s plenty of space to get everything folded and organized.

bright laundry room with Cambridge Cottage tile backsplash and repose gray cabinets

That brings us to the last thing we added to dry clothes: a hanging rod. Nothing fancy here. We just scooped up a copper pipe and some hangers to attach it to the cabinets. $15 for a 10′ clothes hanging rod.

copper laundry rod above wood shelf over washer dryer


The majority of our time for this renovation was spent tiling because we had more than a couple of issues during the tiling process.

Laying it wasn’t too bad. It was what came after that wasn’t great. Let’s just say, when you’re grouting, make sure to get ALL the excess grout off the tile before calling it a night. It’ll save you lots of headaches and days of extra labor.

Even though it was a nightmare to install, it still ended up looking beautiful in the end. Far from perfect, but still beautiful.

Jeffrey Court Cambridge Cottage tile backsplash

Final touches

Once we nailed down the big projects, it was time to figure out all the finishing touches, you know, all the little details that really make a space feel complete.

The #1 decision was the light fixture. We wanted something clean and modern. We knew there was going to be a lot of details in the space, so we wanted to make sure the light didn’t feel like it was adding to the noise.

We ended up with a simple shaded light from AllModern, but it was a tough choice. They have so many great lighting options!

bright laundry room with Repose gray cabinets, white tile backsplash, and basalt herringbone floors

Next up was choosing the hardware for the cabinets and drawers. For the cabinets, we chose a simple mushroom knob since we were going for clean and classic.

For the drawers, we went with 11″ drawer pulls. Still clean, but the added length makes them more of a statement. Find your perfect cabinet and drawer pulls here.

laundry room with folding table and lay flat drying drawers

DIYs + Decor  

Our biggest money-saving tip for any project is to DIY. Here’s what we tackled for the laundry room (links to tutorials coming soon!):

top view of shelf over washer and dryer

For our decor and final touches, we got a lot of it at AllModern. They always have a great selection to choose from, regardless of what you’re looking for. Style + affordable prices = one happy Zoe.

My absolute favorite piece of decor is this wicker basket. It’s the perfect size for clothes, linens, or blankets and adds a bit of coziness to any space.

wicker basket in front of white marble backsplash

Now that we have our laundry back, first priority is washing our ultra-soft sheets and taking a well-deserved nap! (yup, AllModern has quality linens at a great price too. Told you you can get almost anything for your home).

bright laundry room with white backsplash, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray cabinets, and shelf above washer dryer

There you have it folks. The laundry room is officially done and the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge is in the books. What’d you think of the space now?

And I know you love a good before and after as much as I do…today’s your lucky day! Check out the reveals of all the other One Room Challenge participants.

laundry room with bright cabinets, a folding table with drying drawers, marble tiled walls, and a shelf over washer dryer
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  1. Brenda says:

    Who would think I’d be gushing over a laundry room? I’m gushing. Love the drying features-makes so much sense. Your tile is beautiful. I so appreciate a room that truly functions AND looks great. Well done.

    • Zoe Hunt says:

      Thanks for all the kind words Brenda!! Function was our top priority, but there was no way I was going to remodel a room and not let it be pretty! Believe it or not, it’s made laundry so much more enjoyable!

  2. KateHG says:

    How lovely! Can you tell us a little about the upper cabinets? They look non-standard, about 6″ deep? Where are they from? What sort of things do you store in them?
    Wonderful job.

    • Zoe Hunt says:

      Hi Kate! We built them custom for the space! They are 10″ deep and we store all of our cleaning supplies and extra laundry supplies in them!

  3. Pam Hutson says:

    How big is the space for your laundry cart? I love the folding table with the drawers, but would really like to have enough room for two laundry carts. If I purchase the plans would I have room for two carts if I turned them ? Or are the plans easy enough to alter?

    • Zoe Hunt says:

      Hi Pam! The space for the laundry cart is 34.5″ wide. The plans are very easy to modify if you needed a wider area. It would mostly be a matter of making the countertop longer and/or wider. Hope that helps!

  4. Krystal says:

    I’m in love with the white tile. Where did you purchase it?

  5. KA says:

    What size is your laundry room? Ours is 5’8” x12’0” and has a very similar “galley” layout/window on the end but also a small sink and full-size “second” fridge. I am considering moving our washer and dryer to the wall on the “short end” and changing the window (and moving the water/venting too, obviously). Did you consider that?

    • Zoe Hunt says:

      Hi Karen, our laundry room is approximately 6×10, and the current layout functions extremely well for us. We did not consider moving the water/venting because we didn’t want to hire anything out.

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