Measuring Cup Organization Using Command Hooks


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December 16, 2019
Zoe Hunt




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Measuring cup organization tutorial using command hooks

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This quick organization project was the last step in our inexpensive kitchen refresh. We spray painted our kitchen handles, replaced our faucet, and upgraded our kitchen island for less than $50

This project solved not 1, but 2 problems. Our drawers are packed so baking always turns into a stressful activity that involves rummaging through drawers to find the right measuring cup. Anyone else struggle to find the right measuring cup every time you cook or bake??

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This simple measuring cup organization took them out of the drawers and onto the door of one of our kitchen cabinets. Every cup has it’s spot, which means no more struggling to find the right size!

Alright, let’s start DIYing!


  • Painters tape

What You’ll Need

DIY Measuring Cup Organization Inside Cabinets 

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Measuring cup organization inside cabinet door

Okay, let’s be honest. Hanging your measuring cups is awesome. You never have to search for the right size or shuffle through an unorganized drawer, BUT there is one thing we don’t love about this transformation.

Apparently we open our cabinet doors with a lot of force. The measuring cups hit the door, resulting in a lot of noise. After 1.5 months, we’ve finally learned to open the door slower to avoid the noise, but if you don’t want to worry about this, go ahead and complete the optional first step. 

optional Step 0: add cork

Line your cabinet door with cork. The cork will prevent your measuring cups from directly hitting the door, reducing the noise. You can even use this cork that has a sticky back to easily apply it. 

Step 1: Mark where your shelves are

Mark where your shelves are using blue tape. The top of the Command Hooks can go where the shelf is because they are thin enough, but the hook itself and the measuring cup bottoms cannot. If you try to hang your cups in a way that they hit the shelf, your cabinet door won’t close!

mark cabinets with blue tape

Step 2: determine number of rows

Determine how many rows of measuring cups you will have. The inside of our cabinet door was 9″ (I excluded the trim because I didn’t want hooks on the part of the door), so we ended up with 3 rows.

measure measuring cups to determine spacing

Step 3: make your labels

We cut ours on our Cricut using vinyl. The longest label measured 1″ wide.

step 4: determine your spacing

Start with the lowest row. Grab the largest measuring spoon and hold it on your door based on where you want the bottom of it to hang.

place first measuring spoon inside door

Grab your blue tape and mark the top of the measuring spoon.

Tape a line across your entire cabinet door that lies just underneath where you marked in step 5. We used our laser level to make sure that it was straight, but you can also measure from the bottom on both sides to make the measurement is equal.

use laser level to make sure measuring spoons are level

Step 5: place your command hooks

Place your Command Hooks right above the blue tape that you placed in step 6. If you aren’t sure what spacing you want between spoons and cups, you can tape your labels up to mock up the spacing and then place your Command Hooks underneath the labels.

Repeat until all of your Command Hooks are in place.

place command hooks on back of cabinets

Step 6: remove the tape

Step 7: place your labels

Step 8: Hang your measuring cups

measuring spoons hanging inside cabinet door on command hooks with labels

Now who’s ready to start cooking? Send us your pictures and tag us on Instagram (@craftedbythehunts)–there’s nothing we love more than cheering you on and seeing your projects!

P.S. if you want more ideas on how you can update your kitchen on a budget, we’ve got you covered. 

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  1. Doug says:

    Where is the cork? I do not see it in your final product. Command hooks would not stick to cork I am thinking

    • Zoe Hunt says:

      Hi Doug! The cork was an optional suggestion to address some people’s concerns about the noise. We didn’t use it on our project.

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