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November 17, 2022
Zoe Hunt

‘Tis the season for gifts! If you’re anything like me, your mind goes blank when people ask what’s on your wishlist. We’ve got your back. Here are 33 gift ideas that every DIYer will love:

First up, stocking stuffers! Let’s talk gifts under $25.

gifts under $25 for the DIYer
  1. Kreg 310 – every DIY furniture builder needs one of these in their shop. This is the only Kreg Jig that will let you make pocket holes in bevel-cut boards or after you’ve already started assembling.
  2. Paint Pour and Store – No more messy paint pours or trying to reseal the paint can after opening.
  3. Kreg Multi-Mark Tool – We use this handy-dandy tool on nearly every project. Make repeat measurements quickly.
  4. Home Repair Record Keeper – Every homeowner needs this book! Keep track of warranty information, paint colors, etc. so that you always have it handy when you need it. It also includes home maintenance tips and a seasonal maintenance schedule!
  5. Spray Paint Attachment – Ever get finger cramps from spray painting? This handy attachment hooks onto nearly any spray paint can to save your finger!
  6. Pine and Poplar Gift Card – The gift that keeps on giving! Let the DIYer in your life choose what they want next from DIY courses and over 30+ printable project plans.
  7. Paint Brush/Roller Cleaner – Everyone’s least favorite part of painting is cleaning up. Clean your brushes and rollers effectively with this little gadget!
  8. Kreg Project Blocks – These project blocks are versatile and are great for both sanding and painting!
  9. Painting Pyramids – Minimize touchpoints when painting and staining with these painting pyramids.
  10. Safety Glasses – Everyone needs safety glasses and these are practical and cute.
  11. Hardware Installation Jig – Install door and drawer hardware with confidence and accuracy.
  12. Kreg 90-Degree Driver – If you’ve ever tried to cram your drill between two legs of furniture or another tight space to add a screw, you know how handy this can be. It lets you get into tight spaces so you can drill with ease.
  13. Kreg Quick-Flip – Who wants to change their drill bit between every pre-drill hole and screw? This quick-flip bit lets you quickly flip between the two!
  14. DIY Budgeting Calculator – See at a glance an estimated cost for your project…and compare how much the price changes based on what wood type you buy!
  15. Purdy XL Paint Brush – A good paintbrush results in a better finish. The Purdy XL brush is versatile enough to use on pretty much any paint project.
  16. Glue Spreader – Apply and evenly spread your glue across the surface at the same time.
  17. Purdy Paint Pail – This thing really comes in handy on projects where you want to move around. It’s easy to carry and has a spot to hold both a mini-roller and your paintbrush!

Now let’s talk about all the gadgets that may make your DIY life a little bit easier:

gift ideas for the DIYer
  1. Homeright Paint Sprayer – Looking for a budget-friendly paint sprayer? You’ll get great results without breaking the bank!
  2. Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps – I am very passionate about these being the easiest clamps I’ve ever used!
  3. I Planned That Online Course – Learn how to use SketchUp to create your very own DIY project plans.
  4. Kreg Accu-Cut – Use your circular saw and this jig to make straight, accurate cuts on plywood.
  5. Kreg Cabinet Door Mounting Jig – Want to install cabinet doors? This jig makes it so much easier!
  6. Kreg 720PRO – You’ll love the ease of making pocket holes with the 720PRO. It even comes with an attachment to hook it up to a shop vac to collect the dust as you drill!
  7. Kreg Adjustable Shelf Pin Guide – If you want to add adjustable shelves to your project, this guide will make it super easy to drill the holes you need in just the right place.
  8. WorkTunes Headphones – Protect your ears and listen to music, ebooks, or podcasts while you work! These are super comfortable and make sanding go a lot quicker.
  9. Kreg Rip-Cut – My favorite plywood cutting guide. Make straight, repeat cuts without having to measure.
  10. Collapsible Workbench – Getting started and don’t want to do projects on the floor? Save your knees with this workbench that can fold up to be easily stored!
  11. Retractable Extension Cord – Hang this from your garage ceiling and have an extension cord that can go anywhere in the garage. It’s what we use to plug in pretty much all of our tools.
  12. Laser Measurer – If you’re working on built-ins or accent walls, you’re going to love this laser measurer. You’ll get precise measurements without having to haul your measuring tape all across a room.
  13. Lumber Storage Racks – The more projects you do, the more your lumber pile grows. Get your wood off the floor and store them on the wall.
  14. Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig – Love concealed hinges? This jig makes installing them a breeze.
  15. I Made That Online Course – Want to learn how to confidently (and safely) build magazine-worthy furniture? We’re sharing everything we wish we knew when getting started so you can DIY better things, faster.
  16. Kreg Straight Edge 8′ Guide – If you need to cut all the way across a big piece of plywood or beadboard, this straight-edge guide can help keep your jigsaw or circular straight as an arrow.

Happy shopping!

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