14 Wall Painting Ideas You Have To Try While Staying at Home


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March 13, 2020
Zoe Hunt

Painted accents walls are a cost-effective way to completely change a space. 

14 ways to paint an accent wall

The single best tool to transform your home on a budget is… paint. Paint is relatively inexpensive and has infinite possibilities. It’s a great way to test the DIY waters because it’s easy to change. Sure, changing from black to white is going to take a few coats, but it’s possible (trust us, we tested this out on our kitchen island). 

You can take a chance with paint because worst-case scenario, you don’t like it and you paint it another color. That’s a lot less scary (and risky) than ripping down a wall or pouring concrete. 

There’s no time like the present to take control of your home, to turn it into something you love. Your home is a blank canvas waiting to become a reflection of you. So let’s grab a paintbrush and start painting! 

Here are 14 wall painting ideas to get you started, but remember, the possibilities are endless! Have an idea? Try it! 

Watercolor Mural

DIY watercolor mural wall painting idea

A beautiful mountain wall adds a feeling of serenity to a space. Grab a sea sponge and a spray bottle and make this mountain wall a reality in less than an hour. I promise, it’s significantly easier than it looks 😉 

Stenciled Walls

DIY stenciled wall in secondary bathroom with dark cabinets
Stenciled Wall by Crafted by the Hunts

Not feeling up to a free-hand technique? Try a stenciled wall! You can find countless stencils online (my personal favorite is Stencil Revolution who we used on our DIY stenciled curtains. Their wall stencils are huge which means your project will go quicker!)

There are so many possibilities with stenciled walls. Check out this beautiful stenciled wall from Making it in the Mountains.

stenciled wall

Botanical Wall Mural

botanical wall mural painted wall idea
Painted Botanical Mural by Jessica Welling Interiors

If you’re feeling extra creative, try your hand at painting a custom wall mural. Find an example online to mimic or create your own from scratch. 

Sponge wall

painted wall using a sponge
DIY Sponge Wall by Jess Davis

If you’re looking for quick and easy, look no further than a good ‘ol sponge wall. You can knock these things out in a couple of hours no problem and they are great for anyone feeling like they might be lacking in the artistic department. Recently, Jess tackled yet another sponge wall, but this time, she cut her sponge into a hexagon for an added twist! 

Want to DIY buy don\'t know where to start? Click here to grab your free guide!

Faux Concrete Wall

faux concrete wall using paint
Painted Faux Concrete Wall by Songbird Blog

Concrete is becoming increasingly popular in the design world, so why not try mimicking the look on a wall? Paint a concrete style wall in 5 easy steps.

Faux Marble Wall

faux marble wall painting idea
Faux Marble Wall by Crafted by the Hunts

I told you paint was a great way to save money. Can you imagine how much it would cost to have a real marble wall in your house? Despite what you’d think, this technique is much easier than it looks and all you need are some feathers and sea sponges. Yup, you read that right – feathers. 

Easy Patterned Wall

easy patterned wall painting idea
Easy Patterned Wall by The Chelsea Project

Speaking of unconventional painting tools, this easy patterned wall uses a Solo Cup as it’s tool of choice. 

Colorful Accent Wall

colorful painted accent wall
Colorful Accent Wall by Anika’s DIY Life

Add some color to your home with a geometric painted wall

Chalkboard Wall

diy chalkboard wall using paint
DIY Chalkboard Wall by Making It in the Mountain

Not feeling a classic green chalkboard? That’s okay! You can make chalkboard walls in any color now. It’s a fun way to entertain the kids and be able to change up your space whenever inspiration strikes. 

Buffalo Check

painted buffalo check wall
Buffalo Check Painted Walls by Jamie Costiglio

Buffalo check is a classic pattern that makes a big statement in a space without feeling overwhelming. 

Hand-Painted Accent Wall 

hand painted accent wall idea
Hand-Painted Accent Wall by Jessica Welling Interiors

Hand-painted walls don’t have to be perfect. In fact, that’s the beauty of them! There is something special about a design that is perfect in its imperfections. Grab a paintbrush and don’t overthink it! 

Herringbone “Wallpaper”

painted herringbone wall with vertical shiplap
Herringbone Wall by Crafted by the Hunts

If you want the look of wallpaper, but don’t want to deal with the hours of frustration trying to line it up and get it smooth, try painting it! Herringbone is a great pattern for bathrooms, offices, and kids’ rooms alike. 


coral and white color block wall painting idea
Colorblocked Walls by Lovely Indeed

If you’re looking for something a bit more interesting than a plain painted wall, but doesn’t take much extra effort, colorblocking is the perfect solution for you. It’s very simple, but will make the room feel intentional and well-designed. 

Painted Doors

black painted door opening to bathroom with black and white painted tile

Okay, this last one isn’t technically a wall, but painted doors are a great way to add character to a space. They’ll take your home from builder-grade to feeling custom in an instant. Try black for a bold or elegant look or try a light gray for a soft farmhouse touch. 

There you have it! 14 easy wall painting ideas for you to try. Go and create an awesome accent wall! Whether you’re looking to update your bedroom or living room or any other space in your home, I hope when you’re finished you’ll be convinced of the power of paint. I promise you, it will completely change your space for the better. 

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  1. JoNell Williams says:

    I need one wall done There is a large fireplace in the middle of wall not clear to ceiling. I would like it sponge painted. Wall is a brown taupe Live in Vienna Ohio

  2. Jackie says:

    I love these accent wall ideas! I am doing a mini kitchen makeover and have one wall I am not sure what to do with so I might have to try one of these. We are having our kitchen cabinets refinished so maybe once that project is done haha. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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